EXCLUSIVE: Chuck Norris' 'Expendables 2' Poster!

Chuck Norris

Last week, we premiered an exclusive "Expendables 2" photo featuring the man, the myth, the legend… Chuck Norris. You guys were, understandably, big fans of the first look at Norris in the star-studded action sequel. Which means you should be very big fans of what we've got in store for you today.

We're pleased to premiere the official Chuck Norris "Expendables 2" poster, featuring the bearded badass armed to the teeth and ready to dole out his unique brand of justice on those who oppose him. And as we all know, anyone opposing Chuck Norris doesn't stand a chance.

Get a look at the full poster past the jump!

Alright — if we weren't before (and we were), we are officially through-the-moon pumped for "Expendables 2." Bring on the Chuck!

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