Val Kilmer Says He's Game For More 'Top Gun' Action

Fear not, "Top Gun" fans: Iceman's coming back, assuming he's still wanted.

Tom Cruise, Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer are all reportedly on board for "Top Gun 2," according to an update from the leading man himself back in December 2011. But what about Val Kilmer, the man who butted heads with Maverick over land, sea and air as Tom "Iceman" Kazanski?

During a conversation about his newest movie "The Fourth Dimension" (we'll have much more on that for you tomorrow), Kilmer told MTV News that while he's "not yet" heard word from anyone asking him to sign on for "Top Gun 2," he's more than willing to get back into the cockpit.

"Sure, it would be fun," he told MTV. "I'd have to get a haircut, but anything for the role!"

"It's not like Jerry Bruckheimer isn't the most successful producer on Earth," he reasoned further with a laugh. "I was going around bragging. I did a little part just to hang out with [director Tony Scott] and Denzel Washington, on this movie 'Deja Vu.' I'm going around saying, 'Jerry's probably made $5 billion dollars,' I was guessing. And one interviewer said, 'You haven't read the [press notes]?' He just turned the page and there's Jerry's bio: $50 billion dollars, he's grossed. As soon as I read that, wow. He's got thirty or forty or fifty awesome secrets about how to make a big blockbuster."

Kilmer's clearly a fan of the guys on the "Top Gun" team, though you might not believe that depending on rumors you've read online.

"Somehow on Wikipedia, it got said - fairly recently, which proves how absurd it is - that Tom Cruise and I got in a fight [on the set]," he remembered, amused. "I have to remind people that that's what happened in the movie, but it didn't happen in real life. I think there would have been a story if we were actually physically fighting on the set, but... it didn't actually happen."

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