Tim Burton: 'Frankenweenie' Deals With Kids And Classroom Weirdness

by Ryan Rigley

It’s been several years now since Tim Burton has graced the world with one of his stop-motion animated masterpieces: “Corpse Bride,” released in 2005. "Frankenweenie" appears to be a return to form for the famed director. The film expands upon the live-acion short film of the same name that Burton made early in his career, and is also somewhat reminiscent of previous works such as "Vincent" and "A Nightmare Before Christmas."

“It follows pretty much the ‘Frankenstein’ story," Burton told MTV News when we spoke with him at CinemaCon. "But I guess this version you could probably relate it more to those movies like ‘House of Frankenstein’ or ‘House of Dracula’ where they kind of throw in a bunch of other monsters. Also, I was very interested in just remembering school and the kind of politics with the other kids and the weirdness, how weird kids can be and just sort of exploring that classroom vibe.”

Like the short that it's based on, "Frankenweenie" tells the tale of a little boy who meddles with mad science after the untimely death of his pet dog. Also like its 1984 predecessor, the film will be in black and white as an homage to classic Universal monster movies. We can only imagine what kinds of monstrous pets Burton has sprinkled into the film.

"I tried to base them on a couple of my kids’ pets, other pets that I’ve known and had, and have come and gone," Burton reveals about the other monsters in the movie. But only time will tell what these pets are exactly. In the meantime, we can only speculate on the possibilities. Here's hoping we get to see a Creature From the Black Lagoon-inspired goldfish! Or a Dracula cat!

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