'Moonrise Kingdom': Six New Clips Tease The Story

As a kid, did you ever dream of escaping your hometown with a friend in search of an adventure? Well, if you never got to experience the thrill first hand, it's exactly what two twelve year olds do in "Moonrise Kingdom."

The Wes Anderson film takes place in the summer of 1965 and follows Suzy and Sam who flee from their home in New England to escape into the wilderness. The Sheriff rounds up a search party to hunt them down just as a storm approaches, and the once peaceful town is shaken up beyond anyone in the community's control. The ensemble cast includes Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and Jason Schwartzman.

As we await the release of the film in May, we have six new clips to tide you over!

New Penzance

Penzance is a peaceful, quaint island off the coast of New England. It's the home Suzy and Sam run away from. In this quirky scene, the narrator describes the different features of the island and ends with a foreshadowing of the impending storm saying, "the ferocious and well-documented storm...will strike from the East on the 5th of September—in three days time."

Were You Followed?

We're introduced to Suzy and Sam in this clip as they meet in a vacant prairie ready to begin their adventure. Suzy brings along her cat and Sam presents her with flowers. He pulls out his map and tells her his plan of attack. Since Suzy trusts him, she accepts his strategy (and some beef jerky) and they're on their way.

Loaded Question

This comical clip sets up Suzy's hair-brained parents, The Bishops. Her mother calls her down to dinner using a megaphone. Upon learning from Suzy's brother that she took his record player and will return it in ten days or less, Mrs. Bishop again uses the megaphone to call to her husband (Murray). When he answers that he's upstairs, she leans out of the first floor window, looks up and proceeds with their conversation. "Does it concern you that your daughter has just run away from home?" she sternly asks. "That's a loaded question," he replies. With the search party that follows, we assume he really means "yes, dear."

I'm Deputizing The Little Guy

In this scene we see Captain Sharp (Willis) rounding up the troops to help in the search for Suzy and Sam. As one of the scouts spots a clue that confirms they're on the right trail, the Captain recruits "the little guy, the skinny one and the boy with the patch on his eye" to continue on with him until help arrives. The scene sets up Sharp's control and his no-nonsense approach to finding the children.

Juvenile Refuge

But if we thought Captain Sharp was in control, Tilda Swinton proves us wrong when she takes control in this clip playing Social Services. As she reprimands him and Scout Master Ward (Norton) for allowing the boy to escape, she says, "You two are the most appallingly incompetent custodial guardians Social Services has ever had the misfortune to encounter in a twenty-seven year career." Ouch. Sharp comes back saying that Juvenile Refuge is not the place for Sam, but Social Services finishes the argument with, "Find the boy and deliver him to Social Services. Nothing else is in your power."

The Most Important Decision In Your Lives

Cousin Ben (Schwartzman) helps Suzy and Sam on their adventure and in this scene we see the Falcon Scout offer to marry the twelve year olds. Well, he offers to perform the ritual since a marriage between two children will not hold up in any type of court. As he asks them if they love each other and are ready for the commitment, he expects replies of "no" and continues to get "yes." While he's willing to help the lovebirds, we learn his character is a good leader by looking out for their well-being.