Watching Ron Howard Made Olivia Wilde 'Want To Be A Better Director'

With director Ron Howard tweeting tons of behind-the-scenes photos while filming "Rush," we're not so sure we can handle waiting until 2013 for the movie's release.

The biographical film follows Formula One racing in the 70's and centers on champion drivers Niki Lauda, played by "Inglorious Bastards" actor Daniel Bruhl, and James Hunt, "The Avengers'" Chris Hemsworth. Olivia Wilde plays Suzy Miller, the wife of Hunt who ends up leaving him for his friend Richard Burton. When MTV News sat down with the actress, she told us she knew nothing of the sport before signing on for the project.

"I didn't know anything about Formula One. It's bigger in Europe. I mean, in the UK it's a huge deal, obviously, but in the States we haven't really embraced it. But I think this movie will help. There was a great documentary 'Senna' that got people excited about it, and it's a similar time frame and world as 'Rush,' so that was really fun."

When we asked if she got to take a ride in the race car, she said, "I did get in the car. I could barely fit in the car. They're so small."

But wait, then how did the gigantic Hemsworth fit?

"We buttered him up and squished him in," the actress laughed.

Wilde continued saying she feels fortunate to be working with such an "amazing" cast and crew. "Ron Howard is obviously amazing, as is Peter Morgan who wrote everything," she said. "They were the Frost/Nixon team and they're amazing. I think, you know, it's an example of something I'm really lucky to be a part of, and watching Ron made me want to be a better director."

Wilde also revealed why Russell Crowe didn't sign on to play Richard Burton. "The part ended up being so small that we felt guilty having Russell come play an extra in our film," she laughed.

"I think he would've done it. That's kind of a minor part, but it's an amazing part of this story...My character, who's a real woman named Susy Miller, ended up leaving James Hunt for Richard Burton who left Elizabeth Taylor for her, and it was a huge scandal. So, yeah, we didn't end up making Russell Crowe come and stand in the shadows for four minutes [laughs]."

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