'Brave' Trailer Shows Princess Merida's Rebellious Side


"Brave" will be Pixar's first film with a female lead, and the newest trailer for the movie teases just how much we're going to adore her. Princess Merida is more strong and independent than any of the men Scottish tradition (and her mother) are forcing her to marry, and that's part of why she finds it so easy to rebel against her family's wishes and attempt to change her fate.

It looks like there's going to be some darkness in this movie, but that's not what Disney is showcasing in this teaser. Here we see Merida as a rebellious, adventure-hungry young girl who is desperate to avoid her upcoming arranged marriage. In order to do so, she asks for a spell from a Wise Woman that will allow her to change her fate. While she does get what she asked for, the wish isn't quite what Merida expected.

Disney also released a new clip, which can be watched here, that focuses on the family-friendly side of the movie as well. In it, Merida teaches her three brothers how to shoot a bow and arrow. She advises them to "focus on your target, and you can't miss," but it turns out their target is the fresh pies in the kitchen instead of the bull's-eye in the center of their mark.

Disney and Pixar collaborations are something we always look forward to, and one of the reasons for that is the way their films appeal to both adult and child audiences. This trailer and clip are obviously geared towards the latter, but now I'm ready to see a teaser made for adults. Yes, we know the circumstances that set Merida on her path, but what happens after her wish comes true? After all, the last portion of the trailer and the exclusive image we premiered last week do look pretty foreboding.

"Brave" features the voices of Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson and Craig Ferguson. It's due to hit theaters on June 22.

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