Simon Pegg And Edgar Wright End The World In Today's Dailies

The World's End

If only we could turn that front page just a little bit! Simon Pegg teasingly tweeted out a picture of the screenplay for his next collaboration with Edgar Wright, "The World's End." The film is supposed to be the end of a trilogy for them, so expect big things, like for instance, the end of the world.

Plus, we have a scathing review of the "Hobbit" footage screened at CinemaCon, plus a different board game deserves a film adaptation in today's Dailies!

» Gilbert Cruz ranked all of Stephen King's 62 books so you don't have to! A fascinating list. [Vulture]

» Now, here's a board game that deserved the big screen treatment! [Reddit]

Hungry Hungry Hippos

» In which Devin Faraci skewers the 48 frames-per-second "Hobbit" footage from CinemaCon. [Badass Digest]

» Vulture has put together a very handy visual guide to the summer movie season. I hope you still understand bar graphs. [Vulture]


» "GI Joe:Retaliation"'s Ray Stevenson is joing "Dexter" for season 7. I wonder if he'll be a bad guy who dies in the season finale. []

» We knew that Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have been collaborating on their latest project, but today, Pegg tweeted this picture. [Twitter]

The World's end

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