Ron Howard Takes His Followers On A 'Rush' Ride In Today's Twitter-Wood

One of the greatest aspects of Twitter is that it connects fans to the celebrities they admire. We now know when the once unattainable stars are cooking a delicious breakfast or having a relaxing night in front of the TV (insert smiley face here!). At first we caught a glimpse into their world simply through text updates. Don't get us wrong, clearly we're fans of the written word, but with the added photo features on the enhanced Twitter we get actual snapshots of their lives.

For example, director Ron Howard went on a photo spree today while filming "Rush," tweeting behind-the-scenes photos of the crew shooting, editing and setting up scenes. The biographical movie centers on Formula 1 champion driver Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl). Just weeks after a car crash in 1976 almost killed him, he gets back behind the wheel to challenge James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth), his ultimate rival. The film also stars "Game of Thrones" newcomer Natalie Dormer and Olivia Wilde.

April 24, 2012's Twitter-Wood also brings you Leonard Nimoy's new ride, Jimmy Fallon's special late night guest and Mindy Kaling's boy crush on Ryan Gosling.

@mindykaling I have such a boy crush on Ryan Gosling

-Mindy Kaling, actress ("The Office")

@DamonLindelof Finally watched MAD MEN. Can't wait to read all the recaps so I can figure out if I liked it.

-Damon Lindelof, writer ("Lost")

@chrizmillr Go see #5YearEngagement you'll laugh & cry & won't have to cut yourself to feel something. Yay @nicholasstoller @jasonsegel @rodneyrothman

-Chris Miller, director ("21 Jump Street")

@ZacharyQuinto lena dunham is a badass.

-Zachary Quinto, actor ("Star Trek," "Heroes")

@ChrisKattan Guess what America! #VictoriaBeckham has finally blessed us by designing her own car. And I was saving up for a mazerati. I'm so stupid!

-Chris Kattan, actor, writer ("A Night at the Roxbury")

@jimmyfallon Today just feels different.

-Jimmy Fallon, actor ("Fever Pitch," "Saturday Night Live")

@johncusack Me and Alice at raven festivities

-John Cusack, actor ("The Raven")

@TheRealNimoy my new wheels. LLAP

-Leonard Nimoy, actor ("Star Trek")

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