'Ender's Game' Will Take To The Stars On NASA Soundstage

One of the movies we're most excited about in 2013 is "Ender's Game." The beloved sci-fi novel won us over since its release in 1985, and has been in discussions for a film adaptation ever since. It finally was greenlit last year, and we couldn't be more excited about the people who are going to be making the movie.

Turns out Bobby Cohen, who works with "Ender's Game" producer Roberto Orci, is pretty stoked too. When MTV News recently caught up with him on the "Now You See Me" set, Cohen played mum on details about the film's production, but he did express his excitement for the talent they had come on board.

"I have the great pleasure to work with Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, who wrote 'Mission: Impossible' and 'Star Trek,'" he said. "Our other movie is 'Ender's Game,' based on the incredible book that people have been trying to make forever. A lot of directors have tried to do it. We have an amazing script. Gavin Hood is directing, we've got Harrison Ford, Sir Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis, Hailee Steinfeld from 'True Grit,' Asa Butterfield from 'Hugo.'"

Hood, Orci and the rest of the crew on "Ender's Game" recently launched a blog to give some insider information about the movie while it's making its way through production. Cohen had his own nugget of information about the set that he shared with MTV News, and it's certainly fitting with the plot of the flick.

"There is a NASA stage where they literally used to build the rockets for the space shuttle that is now actually a sound stage," he said. "They will be spending 65 some odd days about 45 minutes from here on a big giant set. So that's going well."

Bottom line? "It's pretty great," Cohen gushed.

When MTV recently caught up with Kurtzman, he had similar excited sentiments to share.

"We’re just happy to support the vision of the book," he added. "It’s such a treasured novel and it’s very rare that you get an opportunity to work on something like that so we were very psyched."

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