James Bond Throws A Pool Party And Hopkins Does Hitch

It’s only appropriate that for his 50th anniversary James Bond throw a pool party for all his friends. That’s what’s going on in this poster from a Bond marathon taking place this week in San Francisco.

Also, we have video of Anthony Hopkins doing his Hitchcock impersonation and a look at the alien from “Battleship,” all in today’s Dailies.

&#187 If you’ve ever wonder where all the Manic Pixie Dream Girls from movies go once their boyfriends realize they’re crazy, here is your answer. [Vulture]

&#187 Speaking of Manic Pixie Dream Girls, here’s the (actually sweet) trailer for “Ruby Sparks.” [The Playlist]

&#187 Wired.com has a fascinating look at the collapse of the “HALO” movie from the upcoming book “Generation Xbox.” [Wired]

&#187 That picture of Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock made the rounds yesterday, but here’s an MTV News interview of Hopkins doing an impersonation. [MTV Movies Blog]

&#187 It’s always a good idea before making sure the alien is dead. Taylor Kitsch in this “Battleship” clip does not. [ComingSoon.net]

&#187 Here’s your full look at the Bond Anniversary poster. [/Film]

&#187 It had to happen. [Vulture]

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

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