Bruce Willis Really Likes The 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Cast

It's hard when you're the original G.I. Joe and you've got all these young kids with their exploding motorcycles and cliff-side ninja fits to compete with. Bruce Willis knows the feeling.

MTV News caught up with the action legend as part of our Summer Movie Preview, and Willis had nothing but kind things to say about his younger co-stars.

But he does give credit where credit is due. In "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," Willis plays the Joe who was there when it all began, Original Joe. "Joe Colton is actually the original G.I. Joe," Willis said. "In the story, he started the outfit a long time ago, and that outfit are kids compared to us."

His co-stars might just be kids to him, but Willis could hardly stop himself dealing out the compliments when it came to the cast. "We had such a great cast in this film, really funny and strong and tough guys, pretty girls and funny at the same time," he said.

One of Willis' co-stars, in particular, had him chuckling on set. "Adrianne Palicki, who plays Lady Jaye in the film, had Willis laughing up a storm. "Adrianne Palicki, that girl cracks me up. She is so funny. She made me laugh so many times, just great," he said.

As for his male co-stars, a man of action himself, Willis was impressed by their work, especially Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow. "Action guys do things that I would never do. I can't even call myself an action guy," Willis said. "This guy, Byung-hun Lee, we're going to put him in another movie he's so great. He's just awesome."

G.I. Joe

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