Dick Clark Saluted In Today's Twitter-Wood

The death of entertainment icon Dick Clark rocked us here at MTV yesterday. Clark brightened the hearts of all whenever he took over the small screens in our homes. With his boyish charm and lovable personality he was often referred to as the world's oldest teenager.

But age caught up with the actor and radio personality as he suffered from a multitude of illnesses since 2004. His passing, however, does not mean he will be forgotten. The man behind "American Bandstand" and "Rockin' Eve" will live on in the hearts of everyone with an interest in entertainment—especially his protege Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest was far from the only celebrity who took to Twitter to express his feelings about Clark's death. April 19, 2012's Twitter-Wood brings you words about the legend from Mariah Carey, Seth Green, Alyssa Milano and more.

As Neil Patrick Harris tweeted: "For ever, Dick Clark... So long."

@DENISE_RICHARDS My heart goes out to Dick Clark's family and loved ones.... we lost a legend.. #RIPDickClark

-Denise Richards, actress ("Starship Troopers")

@David_Boreanaz R.I.P. Dick Clark. New Years Eve will never be the same.

-David Boreanaz, actor ("Bones," "Angel")

@SethGreen So saddened by Dick Clark's passing- an innovator, a legend, a man who believed in the greatness of humans. #ThankYou

-Seth Green, actor ("Austin Powers")

@yvettenbrown "I think only God has been responsible for creating more stars than Dick Clark. A family member has passed on." ~Tony Orlando

-Yvette Nicole Brown, actress ("Community")

@MariahCarey R.I.P. Dick Clark. Your memory will live on eternally as an incredible legend. http://pic.twitter.com/sqrKqAUg

-Mariah Carey, singer, actress ("Precious")

@ThatKevinSmith Thanks and g'bye, Dick Clark - early architect of what would become pop culture! Lay that legend to rest in a $20k Pyramid! #BigBucketOfWin

-Kevin Smith ("Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back")

@peterfacinelli Sad news... RIP Dick Clark Thank you for all the years of entertainment. #legend

-Peter Facinelli, actor ("Nurse Jackie," "Twilight")

@Corey_Feldman R.I.P. Dick Clark!!! For those younger fans or friends outside the US who may not know...Dick Clark was the OG Ryan Seacrest or Simon Cowell

-Corey Feldman, actor ("The Goonies," "The Lost Boys")

@Alyssa_Milano Rest in Peace, Dick Clark. You were the greatest.

-Alyssa Milano, actress ("Charmed")

@danecook Rest in peace Mr. Dick Clark. Thank you for new years and new years of class, positivity & entertainment.

-Dane Cook, comedian, actor ("Employee of the Month")

@iharryshum So sad to hear about Dick Clark's passing. New Years Eve won't be the same without him. An icon that will be missed.

-Harry Shum Jr, actor ("Glee")

@WilliamShatner My condolences go out to the family of Dick Clark. My best, Bill

-William Shatner, actor ("Star Trek")

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