'Arrested Development': Five Things We Know About Season Four

Development Arrested

The new "Arrested Development" series is still coming, but now we've learned that a couple of major changes to what we heard about the project in October are going to be taking place.

Development has been arrested for the past few years, but it seemed like the show was finally going to be going full steam ahead when Netflix picked up its fourth season back in November. Now scripts are being written for the new episodes, and series creator Mitch Hurwitz revealed at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas that filming should begin over the summer.

There have been some changes to the original plan, however. Most of them are good, though we're sure some die hard fans will find something to blue themselves over here. Honestly, we don't care what form it takes, because we'll just be happy to have a new season of "Arrested Development" on a Netflix-ready device near us next year.

The Fourth Season Will Be Released All At Once

We've had to wait six long years for more "Arrested Development" episodes to be released, and we're glad the folks at Netflix aren't going to make us wait any longer. Instead of the original plan to release the 10 new episodes over the course of two and a half months, the new season is just going to be released in one fell swoop like Netflix did with their original series "Lilyhammer." Sure that means we can't obsess over waiting a week for a new episode but... wait, how is that a bad thing?

Each Episode Won't Focus On A New Character

Hurwitz's original plan had been to have each of the 10 new episodes focus on a character from the "Arrested Development" universe and catch us up to what they've been up to in their lives since we last saw them. Then, the episodes would end with a lead-in to the planned movie, and it would be one big happy package. It turns out that Hurwitz has opted to not go that route, and instead have the new season be similar in style to the previously released ones. No complaints here: part of the joy of "Arrested Development" is its ensemble dynamic, after all.

There Could Be A Fifth And Sixth Season

Surprisingly, Hurwitz didn't mention the movie once while he was speaking at the Broadcasters convention. He did however mention that he would be open to making a fifth and sixth season that will air on Netflix, and that's nothing to complain about.

The Show Starts Filming This Summer

It is worth noting that when star Will Arnett visited "Today," though, he said the new season and movie will start filming this summer, so maybe Hurwitz just didn’t mention the movie because he was there representing Netflix. Either way, it seems like the new episodes will actually be ready by 2013, and thank goodness for that.

Bob Loblaw Will Return

There was an audience Q&A period at the convention, and Vulture asked Hurwitz if we'd have the pleasure to see the Bluth's lawyer Bob Loblaw again in the new season. "We will bring him back," Hurwitz replied. "It's kind of a one-joke thing. But if you guys don't mind bringing it back, we'll give it to you." Hopefully this means a return of Bob Loblaw's law blog!

Are you happy or disappointed about the changes made to "Arrested Development's" format? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!