Exclusive 'Ted' Photo: Foul-Mouthed Teddy Bear Up To His Old Tricks

If parents (who clearly haven't watched the trailer) were tricked into thinking "Ted" would be a cute family film about Mark Wahlberg and his cuddly teddy, this new photo will clear up their confusion.


The comedy centers on John Bennett (Wahlberg) as a 35-year-old who just can't seem to let go of his childhood best friend—a crude, real-life, talking teddy bear that he wished into existence. The photo shows exactly what we'd expect from the characters: John and Ted hanging out at the kitchen table with beer bottles in close range. A closer look at the background shows a few empty bottles, chips and a pizza box strewn about the messy TV table. Parents, trust us, this is one movie you'll want to see without the kids.

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