Kristen Stewart Meets A Deer And Johnny Depp Goes Back In Time In Today's Dailies


Sometimes all your day needs is a picture of Kristen Stewart petting a large white deer to improve it. If that doesn't do it for you, certainly taking a gander at Johnny Depp in full Native American regalia for "The Lone Ranger" will do the trick.

Either way, you're pretty much guaranteed to enjoy today's edition of the Dailies, specially if you have a thing for Muppet promotional spots for paper towels.

Check it out after the jump!

» Best ever photo of Johnny Depp, or best ever photo period? You be the judge. [Collider]

» Vince Vaughn will star in a big screen remake of a show your parents know about, "The Rockford Files." Go ask them. [Deadline]

» If you know how to figure out viral campaigns better than we do, a number of blogs got access codes to more "Prometheus" goodness featuring Michael Fassbender as David 8. [Collider, /Film,]

» The official Facebook page for "Snow White and the Huntsman" has a bunch of new pictures from the movie including one with Kristen Stewart and this deer thing. [Facebook]


» Daniel-san aka Ralph Macchio just landed a role in one of the hottest developing movies, "Hitchcock." Yes, it is 1984 again. [Deadline]

» If you're interested in checking out some of the movies at the Tribeca Film Festival starting this week, Indiewire has a helpful guide. [Indiewire]

» Hey, even the Muppets need a quick payday sometime. Hopefully, this series of Bounty commercials will keep them afloat until the next movie. [Vulture]

Kevin P. Sullivan and Josh Wigler contributed to this story.

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