Watch It: 'Hunger Games' Sequels Are 'Catching Fire'

We're only three weeks into our new Watch It column, and one of our contributors is already cheating: instead of telling you what he's watching, he's telling you what he's reading, and it may have a little something to do with a certain bow-wielding heroine in the post-apocalyptic land known as Panem.

Keep reading for more on "Hunger Games" sequels "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay," a bit on the latest "Prometheus" viral video, and more of what the rest of the MTV Movies team is devouring in this week's edition of Watch It!

Eric Ditzian, MTV Movies managing editor:

A new flat-screen TV that my wife at first claimed was a monstrous waste of money and far too large for anything but hanging from the ceiling of Madison Square Garden has given me two unexpected gifts: one, the ability to gloat, since she now passionately loves the TV; and two, streaming Netflix. Of all the new shows I've been watching, the greatest is "Workaholics." It's hard to explain the genius of Blake, Adam and Anders — the three dope-smoking numbskulls who excel in all things "holic" but don't give a hoot about the daily grind — so just check out this. And this. It's all got me so inspired that, riffing on a poster hanging in their office, I made this and put it on my wall. I may be late to the "Workaholics" party, but right now I'm SOARING!

Tami Katzoff, MTV News producer:

I just watched "50/50" on DVD. I'm not sure why I didn't see it when it was in theaters last year (it might have been because I become suspicious when movies have that much positive buzz), but it turned up at the house via Netflix so I gave it a look. Seth Rogen is his usual Seth Rogen self in the film, and that's OK, but I was really impressed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the earnest radio producer who's sucker-punched by cancer. And I have to admit his bald head is quite adorable.

Brian Phares, MTV News producer:

This week I watched a lot of movies new and old. I finally saw "Cabin In The Woods" (totally awesome), as well as the classic "Chinatown" (quasi-awesome), but one piece of video stands above all else this week: David 8. The "Prometheus" viral campaign marches on, boldly going where every nerd has wanted a movie to go. I can’t express my excitement, and if you haven’t seen the David 8 video, or the TED talk that preceded it, then you don’t deserve to troll the interwebs.

Ryan Rigley, MTV News contributor:

There’s no greater pleasure than the uncontrollable fits of laughter brought on by John C. Reilly mispronouncing words and projectile vomiting. In “Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule,” an uncomfortably hilarious “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” spin-off series, Reilly plays the affable Brule, a bizarre man with the mentality of a 10 year old. So far this season he’s checked out boats, pleasure, money, space, and animals. This show is worth watching for the “Doctor to Doctor” segment, if nothing else, in which Brule butts heads with industry professionals and, more often than not, makes a fool of himself.

Kevin P. Sullivan, MTV Movies editorial assistant:

When a movie sits unwatched and collecting dust in your Netflix queue for over two years, there's little hope it will ever meet your eyeballs. I was pretty sure I would never watch Cary Fukunaga's debut "Sin Nombre." Thankfully, Fukunaga signed on to direct the upcoming television series "True Detectives" with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey and left me with no choice but to check out his work. "Sin Nombre" is a brilliant film that I wish I would have seen years ago. A rather simple story of a Mexican gang member and a young Honduran girl attempting to cross the board into Texas, the film grabs your complete attention from the first, painfully beautiful shot and never lets go.

Marvin Van Buren, MTV Movies contributor:

This week I saw the premiere of "Girls" on HBO. I did not really go into it with any high expectations, but I must say the show is smarter than it let on in its marketing campaign. Lena Dunham does great taking real situations and elevating them to hyper-real awkward moments. I'm not an affluent white girl from the East Village, so some of the problems that the characters deal with I cannot relate to, like my parents cutting my funding to write my memoir. Still, "Girls" has tons of laughs and offers this generation of young women their own "Sex in The City," albeit a poorer and more gentrified version. I can't wait to watch the next episode!

Josh Wigler, MTV Movies Blog editor:

I'll tell you what I haven't watched yet: "The Avengers." The reviews for Earth's mightiest superhero movie have been positively glowing, and like Hulk, that's making me angry. Not because the reviews are strong, mind you, but because I haven't seen it yet and other people have! In protest, I traded in my weekly moviegoing status for a pair of books this past weekend: namely, the next two outings in the "Hunger Games" novels, "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay." I read them both on a trip to and from California this weekend (one book on the flight out, the other on the way back), which is a testament to just how deeply Suzanne Collins' dystopian universe can suck you in. Figuring out how to translate these two books to the big screen is a tall order for any director, especially one who has to fill Gary Ross' considerably-sized shoes. Nevertheless, I am very excited to see where the franchise goes next, especially now that I have new characters like Finnick, Johanna and Beetee floating around in my head.

Amy Wilkinson, Hollywood Crush editor

In search of something fun and frothy to supplement my sofa snuggletime Saturday night, I selected "Chalet Girl" from my trusty OnDemand. The 2011 rom-com stars "Like Crazy" actress Felicity Jones as former skateboard competitor Kim, who abandons the half-pipe after her mom's death and signs on to work as a — you guessed it — chalet girl at Jonny's (Ed Westwick) Austrian vacation home. And faster than you can say wiener schnitzel, fish-out-of-water Kim befriends her resort cohorts, falls for the already-taken Jonny and masters the snowboard. It's everything you'd expect from a silly romantic comedy, and I'm okay with that.

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