Steven Spielberg Hits 'SNL' With 'Laser Cats' Pitch

What's a sure-fire way to have "Saturday Night Live's" "Laser Cats" sketch continue to be hilarious? Add Steven Spielberg to the mix.

Andy Samberg, Bill Hader and the team behind "SNL's" Digital Shorts managed to land the acclaimed director to come on the show and help pitch "Laser Cats 7" to their producer, Lorne Michaels. Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.

The video they present to Michaels is chock full of references to Speilberg's previous work. There's an alien named E.A.T., a Tyrannosaurus Cat and even a "The Terminal" nod for good measure.

Sure, the "Laser Cats" videos have gotten a bit old, but that's part of the joke. Josh Brolin's role as the short's villain was hilarious, and Fred Armisen was suitable creepy as his heart-grabbing sidekick. But it really was Spielberg who stole the show here. Can we be the first to ask NBC to start selling those "Laser Cats 7" shirts and baseball hats in their store?

Spielberg was likely on the show to help Brolin promote "Men in Black 3" (he acts as executive producer on the flick), but we hope the positive response to this short encourages him to return to "SNL" in the future. We can only imagine a series of skits following Spielberg helping Samberg and Hader pitch ludicrous concepts for movies, like "Laser Cats 7...000!"

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