Exclusive 'Looper' Trailer Commentary: Director Rian Johnson Decodes Time Traveling Action

"Looper," starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as younger Bruce Willis, is very high up on my list of movies I'm psyched to see this year. It boasts a cool, complicated but far from indigestible premise backed up by excellent talent: not just JGL and Willis, but also co-stars like Emily Blunt and Paul Dano, as well as Rian Johnson, director of the incredible high school noir tale "Brick."

Johnson's the man of the hour around these parts, as he saddled up with the MTV Movies team for an exclusive "Looper" trailer commentary track. See everything he had to say about the recent trailer in the video below.

Set in a world where time travel exists, the life-altering technology is used exclusively by crime syndicates who send targets back through time to be killed and disposed of. The men in the past doing the killing are known as Loopers. These well-paid assassins live a lavish lifestyle, but are fully aware that one day, in order to close the loop, they'll need to be sent back through time and killed themselves. It comes with the territory, but the Looper played by JGL is thrown for quite a (wait for it) loop when the future version of himself is not only sent back for termination, but manages to escape his younger self's sites. That leaves Gordon-Levitt with only one option: hunt down his future self or die trying. Easier said than done, as tends to be the case in these kinds of movies.

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