'Alien' Rocks And The Rock Faces Snake Eyes In Today's Dailies

Alien Guitar

Because what's more rock and roll than the universe's "perfect organism"? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Coming in close second, however, would have to be new pictures from "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," followed closely behind by a brand new poster for "E.T."

Check out all of this and more after the jump in today's edition of the Dailies.

» Bill Murray now says "Ghostbusters 3" is a "possibly." We're not sure if he's telling the truth or if he was just, you know, being Bill Murray. [Blastr]

» As if "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" needed to look any cooler, there's a picture of Roadblock and Snake Eyes in a Mexican standoff. [Collider]

GI Joe Snake Eyes Roadblock

» Vincent Cassel stars in "The Monk" as a clergy man hunting down evil forces in a monastery. Here's a clip. [Empire]

» "Prometheus" will likely be one hour, fifty-nine minutes, and guess what! The theatrical release is Ridley Scott's director's cut. [Dark Horizons]

» Speaking of "Prometheus," you can kill time until the June 8 release by shredding on this Alien guitar. [Reddit]

Alien Guitar

» Mondo debuted a new poster for "E.T." in honor of the Alamo Drafthouse's "Summer of '82" series. [/Film]

ET Poster

» Julianne Moore is reportedly in talks to star as the mother a teenage psychic opposite Chloe Moretz in "Carrie." [The Playlist]

» "The Simpsons" replied to last week's rumors of Springfield's actual location the only way they know how: via chalkboard. [Twitter]

Simpsons Chalkboard

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