'Beautiful Creatures' Gets New Lead, 'Beetlejuice 2' Continues On

The lead love interest for Richard LaGravenese's "Beautiful Creatures" — an adaptation of the young adult supernatural romance novel (also a series) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl — has been replaced. Jack O'Connell has left the project due to scheduling conflicts, and Alden Ehrenreich is stepping in.

The "Twixt" and "Tetro" actor will be starring as Ethan — in love with local girl Lena. Both teens uncover dark secrets about their families and the town they live in. Ethan also happens to have a nasty ex-girlfriend, who enacts some "Mean Girls-style" revenge against Lena. We previously reported that Jeremy Irons is also starring in the film, along with Viola Davis, Emma Thompson, Thomas Mann, and Emmy Rossum. Are you in the mood for a supernatural star-crossed lovers story, or have you had your fill of all things "Twilight-esque" for a while?

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A Pair of 'Freaks' Get Their Own Documentary

Tod Browning's "Freaks" is an absolute classic that should be watched by all horror fans. The 1932 story follows the dramas and woes of a group of sideshow performers. Browning cast his film with real-life carnival performers, so the human anomalies you're seeing were not created with prosthetics. Deadline reports that Leslie and Robert Zemeckis will be teaming up for a documentary about the conjoined twins in the film, Daisy and Violet Hilton. The girls worked in wax museums, sideshows, and became notable vaudeville performers thanks to their unique singing and dancing act. Deadline notes that the pair were "exploited throughout their childhood until they eventually sued and won their freedom." Look out for the documentary "Bound By Flesh" sometime in 2013.

Darker Version of 'Stand by Me' in the Works

"When the Street Lights Go On" will be like an even more morbid "Stand by Me" according to Deadline. The coming of age tale focuses on a young boy who becomes obsessed with solving a murder case. Someone took the life of a girl in his sleepy town in 1982, and the case is impossible for him to let go of. The script comes from the Black List — the best of Hollywood's unproduced scripts — and will mark the debut of director Brett Morgen ("The Kid Stays in the Picture"). If morbid-minded children are your thing, then this one is for you.

Remake of Italian Horror Classic 'Suspiria' Finally Gets Green Light

"Pineapple Express" director David Gordon Green's remake of Italian horror classic "Suspiria" is finally underway. The project was previously rumored to star Natalie Portman as the American ballerina who visits a prestigious dance school in Germany only to find out that the academy is a cover for something deeply sinister. We're not sure if the Portman rumors are true since the star just played a dancer in "Black Swan," but we do know that Green will be looking for his leading lady soon. We hope he'll cast "The House of the Devil" star Jocelin Donahue who has the right look for "Suspiria's" fairy tale world, big talent, and the bravery necessary to plumb the depths of darkness. Who would you cast?

'The Innkeepers' Director Scratching Up Script for 'Bedbug' Adaptation

Speaking of "The House of the Devil," director Ti West will be writing a script for urban paranoia tale "Bedbugs." The critters that love to hide in mattresses and become your living, crawling souvenirs when you travel to fleabag motels far and wide will be featured in the "slow-burning supernatural story" West is adapting for the big screen. It's based on Ben H. Winters’ bestselling horror novel set in Brooklyn. A family moves into a new home and encounters strange activity. The Mrs. starts to find what she thinks are bedbug bites on her body, but she's the only one getting them. Is she insane? A menacing surprise reveals all, eventually. We hope West also directs, but Deadline hasn't confirmed as of yet. Cue scratching forever times infinity.

'Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter' Writer Chats 'Beetlejuice 2'

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter" writer Seth Grahame-Smith recently chatted about working with Tim Burton, "Beetlejuice 2," "Night of the Living Dead," and more. On the follow-up to the tale about a ghostly couple that haunts their former home where an angsty goth girl and her obnoxious family have taken up residence, the scribe shared: "The 'Beetlejuice' sequel will come after 'Unholy Night' in my schedule. The first opportunity to tackle that will probably be later this year." "Unholy Night" is part of his "Three Wise Kings" trilogy, which puts an action-adventure spin on the biblical figures that protect Mary and baby Jesus. The book just hit shelves a few days ago, but the story is already in development for a feature film at Warner Bros. "Beetlejuice" almost got a sequel (in Hawaii, according to a 1997 interview in Fangoria — and thank goodness that never happened), but it will be interesting to see what kind of spin Grahame-Smith can put on the horror-comedy. Read the full interview at THR.

'Full Metal Jacket' Star Gets Homicidal with Linkin Park

We love when "Full Metal Jacket" star Vincent D'Onofrio gets creepy. The "Law & Order" actor will be executive producing and starring in Joe Hahn's "Mall." Hahn is Linkin Park's DJ who has directed a ton of the band's music videos and has soundtracked a number of big projects. The dark indie pic follows "the empty and sordid lives of various mall-goers which are brought into stark relief when a disgruntled former tuxedo shop employee goes on a massive killing spree," according to Dread Central. As you probably predicted by now, Linkin Park will be providing the soundtrack for the movie.

Gemma Arterton Cast as Violent BFF in 'The Wright Girls'

"Clash of the Titans" actress Gemma Arterton has been cast for "The Wright Girls." This is the project that Megan Fox was rumored for, originally. The comedy-thriller finds two young actress hopefuls that room together. Although they pretend to be besties and are co-stars on a popular TV show, they hate each other in reality and will go to violent lengths to stop the other from getting a part in an upcoming movie role. The other actress may end up being Fox, but THR swears their sources confirm she's not interested. The script comes from "Easy A" writer Bert Royal, so expect two hours of snarky, snappy banter, and bitchiness. Excited?

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