'Hunger Games' Director's Exit Leaves Fans 'Shocked'

As someone who went on record saying the "Hunger Games" movie was better than the "Hunger Games" book, I think you can safely assume that I'm disappointed by Gary Ross' departure from the series. I was greatly looking forward to seeing the director's vision of "Catching Fire" on the big screen, and I'm equally curious to see who Lionsgate taps to take his place. Those are mighty big shoes to fill, after all... though, of course, we have some "Catching Fire" director suggestions to help speed the process along.

While we're all still thinking about Gary-Gate this week, our friends at Hollywood Crush spoke with several "Hunger Games" experts and fans across the blogosphere. Words like "surprised," "shocked," and "upset" were used frequently in discussing Ross' exit from the franchise. Can't say I disagree with those feelings. Get all those reactions and more in the video above.