Watch It: 'Cabin In The Woods,' Guy Pearce, 'Titanic'

"Cabin in the Woods" is out this weekend. That's probably all we're allowed to say about that. Well, one more thing: go see it, it's awesome. Okay, fine, we'll talk a little bit more about the Joss Whedon-produced horror flick in today's edition of Watch It, but that's not the only movie on our minds.

With "Lockout" coming out this week, one member of the MTV Movies team dove back into another Guy Pearce classic as his pick of the week. And somehow, someway, another of our writers never got around to seeing "Titanic" until last weekend's 3-D rerelease. Madness, we say! His take on James Cameron's historical-fiction epic is past the break, along with our other picks.

Ryan Rigley, MTV News contributor

I saw “Titanic” for the first time ever this weekend. It was good, as I’m sure everyone is well aware of by now. My initial reaction was to try to figure out how much of it was based on fact, but then it occurred to me that there’s no way anyone in their right mind would be chasing two star-crossed young lovers around a ship while it’s sinking. That’s just ridiculous. On a separate note, the 3-D was spectacular! However, all of that rushing water kept reminding me that I had to pee and 3 hours is a long time to hold it.

Brian Phares, MTV News producer

In honor of what I have officially deemed Guy Pearce Week (you've heard about "Lockout" by now, right?), I've been doing a deep dive and reconnecting with everyone's favorite amnesiac turned murder pawn, Leonard Shelby. "Memento" has proved itself just as confusing now as it was to me when I was thirteen, but you'd be surprised by how many now-famous actors are in that movie doing bit roles.

Fallon Prinzivalli, MTV Movies editorial assistant

As usual, I'm on a British television kick. I just finished the series "Misfits" and loved every episode. The supernatural drama follows a group of delinquents in their early 20's beginning community service who, after a freak lightning storm, obtain different powers (mind reading, traveling back in time). The cast is brilliant, especially Nathan (Robert Sheehan) and Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) whose raunchy jokes bring comedy into every one of their scenes. All three seasons are available on Hulu with the fourth premiering later this year. Oh, and full disclosure, it's a bit racy. See: Skins.

Kevin P. Sullivan, MTV Movies editorial assistant

What I watched this week: "Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey." I had been meaning to watch this documentary about the man behind the muppet, Kevin Clash, but I only sat down and watched it when it was just the next thing on PBS. It might seem like a silly thing or that seeing Clash operate Elmo would take away the magic, but it's the complete opposite. Clash has lived an inspiring life, and what you might not know is that so much of the fun of Elmo comes from the man pulling the strings. I highly recommend "Being Elmo" if you grew up watching Sesame Street or just love things that are good and kind.

Josh Wigler, MTV Movies Blog editor

"Cabin in the Woods." Nothing more needs to be said. It's the best movie out in theaters this week, and easily in my top five favorite movies of 2012 already. I can't believe it took so long to get this gem off the shelf -- "Cabin" was supposed to be out in 2009, for crying out loud -- but it's here, it's weird, and it's wonderful in every way. Whedonites are going to this no matter what, but even for the skeptics out there, I'll say this: if you like horror, and if you like comedy, there is no reason to miss this movie. It's phenomenal.

Amy Wilkinson, Hollywood Crush editor

Like Fallon, my love affair with all things Britannia continues with the BBC's instantly addicting crime series "Luther." Idris Elba stars as the titular John Luther, a detective in London's Serious Crimes Unit, whose unparalleled insight into the human psyche proves a formidable foe for the city's ne'er-do-wells. But what elevates the drama beyond your run-of-the-mill procedural is its unflinching look at John's own troubled life — and what happens when he can't separate the personal and the professional.

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