'Jaws' Headed To Blu-ray This Summer, Beaches Clear Out

Jaws Blu-ray

Just when you thought it was safe to watch high definition videos at home, a restored version of "Jaws" is coming out on Blu-ray this August. Don't worry, though. William Shatner is here to help, and he's wearing a proton pack?

We'll explain it all, plus run down some of the coolest, oddest stuff that happened in the movie world today, all in this edition of the Dailies.

» William Shatner, in his infintie wisdom, felt compelled to tweet a picture of him wearing a proton pack from "Ghostbusters." We aren't complaining. [Vulture]


» As if Cormac McCarthy's "The Counselor" need more names attached to it, Angelina Jolie is now circling a small role. [Vulture]

» This new featurette for Pixar's "Brave" gives us a better idea of who Merida, the main character, is.

» It finally looks like David Gordon Green is getting his "Suspiria" remake together. [Deadline]

» Two films destined for Oscar talk, "Argo" and "Gangster Squad" are slightly shifting their release dates. [Variety]

» A new restoration of "Jaws" will be out on Blu-ray August 14. We'll wait here until you stop drooling. [/Film]

Jaws Box Art

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