'Skyfall' Cast Talks Return To James Bond During Set Visit

The latest Bond movie, "Skyfall," has been a long time in coming. But now the Sam Mendes-directed project which returns Daniel Craig to his role as James Bond is busy shooting in Pinewood Studios, and MTV News was lucky enough to be invited to the set to check out some of the action.

Apparently we haven't been the only ones desperate for some more 007. Craig admitted to MTV that he's been "kind of itching to get going for a while." But the "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace" actor promised that having Mendes take his time with the film and bring on actors like Javier Bardem will create "richer content" in the long run.

Speaking of Bardem, we're pretty darn excited for his role as Bond villain Silva. Craig said that Silva gives his character a run for his money, and Bardem agreed that that's the general idea.

"I think the character is really complex. He's not an easy guy. He's not only a villain, it's more than that -- hopefully! That's what we tried to achieve," he said. "I'm giving James Bond a hard time. That's my job! That's my duty."

And what would a 007 movie be without its Bond girl? In this case, it's French actress Berenice Marlohe playing the sultry Severine. "This movie's really like a classic Bond movie, so this character and I really wanted to be part of this classic spirit," she told MTV, adding that she hopes Severine can steal James Bond's heart.

"I just try to make the best movie we can," Craig said. "When you have a really good script, which we did with this, then you know you have a foundation to begin a movie, and then you kind of make it bigger and better."

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