'Anchorman 2' Producer Judd Apatow Talks Dream Cameos

Milk, perhaps, was a bad choice at one point in time for legendary newscaster Ron Burgundy. Or, perhaps, it was the precise ingredient he needed to strengthen his bones, give him some energy, and come back one day for a triumphant return in the form of "Anchorman 2." (Perhaps. Or perhaps it's 3:45 on a Monday and I'm feeling loopy.)

Regardless of beverage-centric decisionmaking, another "Anchorman" is indeed a go, and producer Judd Apatow is pretty psyched. So psyched, in fact, that he's already dreaming up his wish list of cameos for the Will Ferrell starring sequel. (Hey, we've got our own "Anchorman 2" cameo wish list as well!) Find out everything he had to say on the developing comedy in the video above, courtesy of Hollywood Crush commander in chief Amy Wilkinson!