Get Two Spocks For The Price Of One In Today's Twitter-Wood

The two actors who play Spock, our favorite logical Vulcan in "Star Trek," not only discuss the films, but banter back and forth on Twitter, too. Zachary Quinto tweeted a picture of the New York City skyline with a comment that he "can't sleep without the sirens."

To which Leonard Nimoy replied, "We can arrange to have a siren installed in your front yard. #LLAP" At first, his choice of hashtag threw us off. LLAP? Love Loud Announcing Protocol? Is that his club for city dwellers who love the sirens when police cars and ambulances drive by? That can't be right. Then, it hit us. Live long and prosper. Duh. We can hear everyone over at Splash Page weeping for our sakes.

Here's what the rest of the celebs are saying in April 9, 2012's Twitter-Wood.

@SethMacFarlane Wonder what useful knowledge was bumped from my brain to make space for the lyrics to "Mac Tonight".

-Seth MacFarlane, write, actor, producer ("Family Guy," "Ted")

@breagrant Dreamed I went back to high school last night because I forgot to finish all my classes first time around.

-Brea Grant, writer, actress ("Heroes")

@normmacdonald How can we get this economy going when the best things in life are free!!

-Norm MacDonald, writer, producer, actor ("Saturday Night Live," "Grown Ups")

@JuddApatow "@deidrene: it feels like @JuddApatow co-wrote some of the scenes of my weekend." I did. It was hard to write something so awkward.

-Judd Apatow, writer, director, producer ("Knocked Up," "Bridesmaids")

@rainnwilson Have a Dwightanic week everybody

-Rainn Wilson, actor ("The Office")

@Alyssa_Milano Good morning/afternoon/evening/night. Wherever you are in your day, I hope you['re] laughing. :)

-Alyssa Milano, actress ("Charmed")

@DougBenson DRUMLINE is the exact same story as TOP GUN but with drums instead of planes and not dying instead of dying. #Drumline #LiveTweeting

-Doug Benson, comedian

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