Lindsay Lohan Loves 'Homeland' And Other Surprise Celeb TV Fans

Celebrities, they're just like us! Turns out they also obsess and geek out over outstanding and/or guilty pleasure television like we do. The latest example is one Lindsay Lohan, who inadvertently confessed her love of "Homeland" as the reason she was at home glued to her TV set rather than at a L.A. nightclub last Thursday where she allegedly punched a woman in the back.

The most intriguing part of this story to me, as reported by TMZ, is not that Lohan was at home instead of at a nightclub but that she was watching "Homeland." How's that for an alibi? Everyone should be watching Showtime's expertly-crafted and acted drama, led by Claire Danes and the under-appreciated Damian Lewis, even problem-plagued former child stars.

This got me thinking about other random celebrity fans of shows - those who you wouldn't peg to be familiar with, let alone obsess over certain scripted and unscripted drama. Some unexpected pairings lurk beyond the jump!

1. Comedian/Bestselling author/"Family Feud" host/Actor Steve Harvey loves "Game of Thrones."

2. New Jersey native Ali Larter Loves "The Jersey Shore". She can also go in and out of a very thick Jersey accent in order to make phrases like "Chicken Piccata" more authentic.

3. Joel McHale gives thanks for MTV's contributions to "The Soup," but misses "Date My Mom."

4. Fanboy/Geek God du jour Nathan Fillion is a "Happy Endings" fan, particularly when friends of his make guest appearances for which he can throw a party to celebrate.

5. Everyone loves "Battlestar Galactica." I'll use any excuse to sneak my BSG love into anything... my fellow fans should be familiar with a fantastic featurette that SyFy used as part of their promotion for the show back in 2008. The video seems to have been swiped from the Internets, but the LA Times still has a post featuring the quotes from a veritable who's who of celebrities including Joss Whedon, Whoopi Goldberg, Seth Green, the cast of "Law and Order," and many more. So say we all!

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