'Looper' Teaser Trailer Offers First Look At Footage


One of our most anticipated movies of the year, sight unseen, has to be "Looper" from director Rian Johnson. The premise alone is enough for us to start reaching into our wallets to buy tickets. In the world of the film, the mob sends its enemies back in time for an untraceable assassination. But when one of their hitmen, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is faced with the difficult task of killing his future self (Bruce Willis), things don't go as planned.

Over the next three days over at the iTunes trailer site, Johnson will unveil vignettes, giving us teasing looks at the film before the first trailer debuts on Thursday.

In the first vignette, Johnson, the director behind "Brick" and "The Brothers Bloom," promises a thinking man's sci-fi action movie and gets a little help explaining his new movie from Gordon-Levitt.

The footage itself is maddeningly brief, but we finally get a look at Gordon-Levitt done up with prosthetics to look like Willis. The effect is kind of chilling and awesome at the same time. Some of the journalists who saw a partially completed version of the film last year mentioned how "Looper" plays around with several genres, and we can see both sci-fi and western influences in the brief clips.

Be sure to check back here and at iTunes each day until the Thursday release of the trailer for more looks at "Looper."

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