Watch The First Five Minutes Of 'Lockout' In Today's Dailies


Guy Pearce knows how to take a punch. That's because Guy Pearce is awesome. You can see just how awesome he is in today's edition of the Dailies, which contains the first five minutes from Pearce's new space prison-break action flick, "Lockout."

All that, plus a whole lot of love for Easter and "Aliens," in today's Dailies. Join us past the jump for more!

» Happy belated Easter! Here's hoping your chocolate bunny wasn't filled with acid for blood this year. [Super Punch]

» Seriously, like I said, lots of "Alien" love this Easter. A good thing for interest in "Prometheus," perhaps? Regardless, this is pretty enjoyable. [Bleeding Cool]

» James Cameron is hitting the small screen with a new reality TV series, "Robogeddon," which chronicles — you guessed it — fighting robots. Cameron's collaborating with "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett for the new series. No confirmation of hidden immunity idols as of this writing. [The Wrap]

» "Maleficent" is on the way! Sadly, the evil queen won't arrive until March 2014, almost two years away. Boo. [THR]

» Coming out sooner, but also delayed, is "Ender's Game," which won't strike theaters until November 2013. The adaptation was previously scheduled for March 2013. The move puts "Ender" in close competition with "Catching Fire." I wonder who's going to win that fight... [Deadline]

» And last but not least, the first five minutes of "Lockout" are online. Low on the space prison, heavy on the Guy Pearce being a badass. Take a look. [Twitch]

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