Five High School Movies That Deserve The 'Reunion' Treatment

Seeing all the original stars from "American Pie" back together again for "American Reunion" has me feeling all nostalgic for great high school movies of the past and stuff. I got to thinking that there are a bunch of other beloved films in the genre that I'd love to see take a page from the "American Pie" playbook and make a reunion-style movie. Pending on all of the original cast's participation, of course, I'd gladly pay to see the reunion versions of these five favorites:


To be honest we doubt that Cher, Josh, Dionne and Murray have changed all that much but it would be so great to see what they're up to nearly 20 years later. Amazingly enough, most of the cast members have worked steadily over the years. Paul Rudd is definitely the MVP of the group and I think Jeremy Sisto takes home the most improved award, thanks to his charming work as a single dad on ABC's hit "Suburgatory."

The Breakfast Club

Just like the song advises as it plays over the end credits, I really can't forget about those iconic characters in John Hughes' beloved '80s movie "The Breakfast Club." Sure, there were all those happy ending-esque moments at the end of the film, but what happened afterward? Anthony Michael Hall's Brian definitely went on to great things but did any of the other high school archetypes learn anything and become better citizens of the world? This one would have to be set at the 30-year reunion, but it could be worth it!

Varsity Blues

"I don't waaawnt your liiiife." -- John "Mox" Moxon. Ah "Varsity Blues." So many quotable lines and memorable scenes! This one is totally ripe for reinvention, mostly because almost all of the cast members still look very similar to their slightly more baby-faced selves from the '99 crowd-pleaser. Several have benefited from age, CC: Paul Walker, Scott Caan, Ali Larter, Amy Smart. James Van Der Beek definitely still looks the same. Maybe their kids could be playing football together or the school is celebrating that championship team in some way?

Can't Hardly Wait

Despite the fact that there is a pretty terrific epilogue at the end of this gem from '98, I'd love to see the gang all back together. Do Preston and Amanda have a perfect little family now or did the fairy tale run its course? I always thought Denise might have had a bigger thing for Preston than she led us to believe. Is Seth Green's sex-obsessed Kenny still attempting to go at it all the time? Let's bring 'em all back to Huntington Hills High to find out!

Dazed and Confused

This film is full of so many future superstars and so many memorable lines - most of which were uttered and immortalized by Matthew McConaughey - that a reunion movie would be a real trip. Talk to anyone from the cast now and they all seem to have the fondest of memories from being on that retro set in '92. McConaughey has said himself that his "Dazed" fans are indeed the coolest, so why not do a reunion flick and set it in the '90s?

Which high school movie would you love to see film a "reunion"? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!