Javier Bardem Talks Bond Baddie From 'Skyfall' Set


Filming for the 23rd adventure of a little-known super spy named James Bond is currently underway outside of London, and we are about as excited as you can be.

MTV News visited the set of "Skyfall," which you'll see a lot from in the near future, but first, Entertainment Tonight has their report from Pinewood studios, where they spoke with Mr. Bond himself, Daniel Craig, as well as his nemesis, Javier Bardem, and a possible love interest, Berenice Barlohe.

ET was on a soundstage that had been built to look uncannily like a London tube stop. Craig seems to be chasing someone through the underground to no avail.

The star wasn't so keen to open up about the specifics of the film with ET, but he did assure them that the old Bond staples would certainly be there. "That was one of the keys with this film for us," Craig said. "There are those lines that we have to have in there, and we've got them and we have all that going on, but we wanted to reinvent a few as well."

Bardem had to remain even more tight-lipped since we know almost nothing about his character, the villain, Silva. He wouldn't even say for sure whether he thought this newest Bond villain was a good one. "I don't know if he's a good villain," Bardem said. "At least when we were doing it, we felt that it was fun to do and also kind of intense."

Be sure to check back here very soon when MTV News shares the goods from our visit to the "Skyfall" set.

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