Shannon Elizabeth Talks 'American Reunion,' New Jewelry Line And More

The entire East Great Falls gang is back for another round of high school hijinks this weekend in "American Reunion," even if some alumni are bound to get more screen time than others. You'll see plenty of Oz, Finch, Stifler, Kev and Jim (perhaps too much Jim), but some of the other characters you've come to know and love make only the briefest of appearances.

Case in point: Nadia, the Czechoslovakian exchange student that helped turn Jim into an Internet celebrity way back in 1999. Shannon Elizabeth is indeed back for another round of pie-hurtling hilarity, and while her role is a quick one, we promise you this: it's a hilarious cameo.

MTV News recently spoke with Elizabeth about her brief "American" reunion and her future plans. Get the highlights past the jump!

» On becoming Nadia again: "I just wanted to make sure I gave the audience what they wanted from her, that I remembered the accent right. It's always nerve racking because you want to recreate what you created before, but not in a way where you're doing a caricature of yourself. You have to find those moments, find that character, and give her life again."

» On her short appearance: "That's how they wrote it, so that's what it was. [The size of the role] wasn't my choice. I would have loved to have stayed more. I would have loved to explore a whole movie about what she's been up to this whole time. I think that would be really fun."

» Speaking of spinoffs…: "I would totally want to do [a 'Nadia' movie]. I've thought about if I can write it, and what it would be like. I don't know if I could [write the script] with her. It would take a while. But if somebody else wanted to write it... we could talk! "

» Returning to East Great Falls: "It felt familiar. For me, it didn't come across, all the changes [since the first 'American Pie']. People having kids, husbands... when you go to set, you're just a kid again. We're playing make believe. You leave the rest behind and just go have fun. I think that's what everybody's doing."

» Her next movie, "A Green Story": "It's about a guy who came over from Greece and started one of the first all natural eco-friendly cleaning companies. ... I'm very environmental and I try to do everything naturally, so I was very attracted to the script. I play his oldest daughter, who runs the company with him and oversees all the factories. We shot in the company's actual factories in Garden Grove. The lady who I play, Callie, we shot in her home. It was very cool to play a character based on a real living person."

» Her new business: "I just launched a jewelry line with my cousin called Shansen Jewelry. It's all healing crystals and gemstones. We talk about the properties of each crystal, and how the properties can help you in your day to day life, whether that's to give you courage, confidence, or help you in problem solving. We teach you how to clear your crystals, clear all of the energy, and set your own intentions and your own vibrations for it. How to make it a functional piece specific to you."

» Her new blog: "It's called, and I'm using it as an outlet to talk about things I believe in, things going on in the world, spirituality, charities, getting laws passed... rescuing animals is a big deal for me. I do a pick of the week for my favorite product, tips for girls based on what I've accumulated over the years. It's almost like a diary for me. It's a lot of fun."

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