'Lockout' Exclusive Clip Thanks You Very Much

You have to hand it to Guy Pearce: transforming yourself into a space-faring ex-special forces badass is no small feat, but Guy makes it look easy as pie. See for yourself in our exclusive clip from "Lockout," the new space-set action thriller hitting theaters next weekend!

In the film, Pearce plays Snow, a former covert operative now working on his own terms. Snow runs into a bit of trouble with government officials and faces a very bad punishment as a result. At the same time, a massive space prison just outside of Earth's orbit becomes overrun by the inmates with the President of the United States' daughter (Maggie Grace) trapped inside.

Under normal circumstances, a few well-placed missiles would be enough to diffuse the situation. But with the president's daughter on lockdown, that's not exactly an option. So the government goes with option B: Snow, Snow, Snow. Enter Pearce's trash-talking badass, suddenly faced with two not-so-great choices: dedicate the remainder of your life to cryo-freeze imprisonment, or brave a space-prison brimming with psychotic inmates in an effort to save the girl and get the heck out of dodge with time to spare.

Bet you can guess which option he picks.

In our exclusive clip, you'll see that, yes, Snow does indeed connect with the president's daughter. (Not much of a spoiler, really -- that's kind of the point of the film, isn't it?) But even though Snow's in the prison specifically to rescue this young woman, you'll see that their personalities don't exactly mesh well. The results are predictably amazing. Give a look and see for yourself.

"Lockout" hits theaters on April 13, 2012.

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