Exclusive 'Cabin In The Woods' TV Spot Locks You In

If you've heard anything about "The Cabin in the Woods," hopefully it's nothing about the story. Since the movie started screening for fans, critics and festival-goers, there has been a shared bond of secrecy. Most people who have seen it want you to see it, but they probably won't tell you why.

We aren't going to spill the beans either, since we know just how good it is, but we will tell you that if you really want to know just a little bit more, we have an exclusive TV spot from "Cabin in the Woods" to whet your appetite.

"Cabin in the Woods" comes from the minds of co-writers Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, who directed the film. It sat on the shelf for nearly three years after the original studio MGM ran into financial troubles.

But now that the movie has finally seen the light of day, we can tell you that it's probably the most important horror movie in a very long time. But how can a horror movie be considered "important"? Easy. The horror movie genre, especially in 2009 when "Cabin in the Woods" was filmed, has become an ugly thing. With the arrival of torture porn, the genre stopped being the very thing it was supposed to be: scary. Newer films favored gore over things like tension and suspense.

"Cabin in the Woods" is the remedy to that. We won't tell you how it does whatever it does, but we can say that it does it spectacularly.

"Cabin in the Woods" opens on April 13. See it.

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