Exclusive 'We Bought A Zoo' Featurette: Cameron Crowe's Musical Mixes

One of the many reasons to respect director Cameron Crowe is how selectivity he chooses his projects. Sure, we'd like to see more films from him, but we also fully appreciate the fact that he doesn't hop into the director's chair willy nilly.

Another reason is for his use of music during filming, which is the subject of a featurette on the recently released DVD/Blu-ray for his latest film, "We Bought A Zoo," a film we felt was overlooked during award season.

Check out the exclusive clip from the making of "We Shot A Zoo" above to hear what stars Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Haden Church and Matt Damon had to say about how Crowe's musical inclinations enhanced their performances and overall experiences.

"Cameron plays a lot of music during filming," Johansson said. "He plays a lot of music while we’re setting up. I’m an avid music lover and I’ve shared a lot of music with Cameron and he’s shared a lot of music with me. I think that he has understanding of the beats of our characters actions and I think he thinks of that as a musicality and it’s an incredibly unique and interesting way to work that I find inspiring."

"It creates an atmosphere of wholesome life-affirming filmmaking," Haden Church said. "It’s an innovative approach."

"Cameron is the first director I've been with that uses music while you're shooting," Damon said. "He'll play songs in the middle of takes. He picks them very carefully and he’s great at it. That was a huge help to me, I didn’t realize [that] until I worked with him," he said. "It's nice to learn something that big this far along in the game."

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