Five Reasons We're Psyched For 'American Reunion'

by Ryan Rigley

High school reunions remain a tried and true tradition to this day. In fact, some might say that they're as American as apple pie. On a similar note, this weekend marks the release of the 4th official installment in the "American Pie" series. Although there have been several straight-to-DVD spin-off movies since 2003's "American Wedding," none of those films featured any of the main cast from the original series. Except for Eugene Levy of course, who is literally in every single one of the "American Pie" movies.

We're talking about Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Sean William Scott, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Mena Suvari, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and even Tara Reid! They're all back, reprising their roles made popular by the original three films. Taking place over a decade after the first "American Pie," "American Reunion" appears to be the most genuine movie in the series as it tackles hot topics such as generational differences and merging the gap between childhood and adulthood. However, this doesn't necessarily make the film any less raunchy or risque than its predecessors.

The "American Pie" series is known for several key things, chief among them being a very "adult" sense of humor. Based on the trailer alone, it's fairly obvious that "American Reunion" will share this "adult" sensibility as made evident by Jason Biggs getting caught masturbating within the first few seconds. Here's a look at 5 other "American Pie" staples that we can't wait to revisit with "American Reunion."

» 1. Band Camp Stories

Anytime anyone says "this one time at band camp" we immediately think of Alyson Hannigan's character in "American Pie." Michelle, played by Alyson Hannigan, may be a band geek on the surface but deep down she's equally, if not more, sex-crazed than the men of the franchise. It's no wonder that Jim, Jason Biggs' character, ends up marrying her.

» 2. Manhood Mishaps

It must suck to be Jim's penis. One of the ongoing jokes of "American Pie" is the fact that Jim is always getting his member stuck in something or vice versa. In the first movie, it's the infamous pie scene. In the second movie, he accidentally superglues his hand to his junk. Hopefully, in this newest installment, Jim's penis is the vicitm of yet another hilariously unfortunate sex-related incident. Who knows? Maybe it'll get cut off completely!

» 3. Stifler Being A Jerk

If there's two things that we know about Steve Stifler it's that he loves to party and is an unbelievable jerk. Whether it's inviting strippers to a dinner with Jim and his in-laws or breaking into the house of a young lesbian couple, Stifler is without a doubt the most crude and insensitive character in the entire series. Which is why it was so funny when he inadvertantly had sex with Jim's grandmother in a poorly lit closet.

» 4. Public Humiliation

Another reoccurring theme in the "American Pie" movies is being "caught in the act." Jim's dad, played by Eugene Levy, has walked in on several increasingly mortifying sexual situations involving his son and a woman (or a pie). What's funny about these awkward situations is the way that Jim's dad tends to react to them, i.e. staying in the room and talking about why it's perfectly natural.

» 5. Shannon Elizabeth

Where has she been? What has she been up to? The last place we remember seeing her was as a guest appearance on "That 70's Show," and that was almost ten years ago! Nadia, Shannon Elizabeth's character in the series, has been known to show up at the worst possible moments before. Perhaps Nadia's sudden reappearance will spur Jim to cheat on his loving wife and let down his entire family. Or maybe she ended up marrying "The Sherminator" after their little sexual excursion back in "American Pie 2."

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