First 'Avengers' Clip Premieres, Alternate Universe 'Batman Begins' Casting Revealed

Black Widow doesn't have super-powers, but she can still kick your butt, as clearly evidenced in the first official clip from "Marvel's The Avengers."

In other Super News, guess who almost played Ra's Al Ghul in "Batman Begins" over Liam Neeson? You'll find out after the break as we examine all of the awesome Splash Page news from the past week. Join us or die!

» The first clip from "The Avengers" arrived online this week, and there isn't a single super-power in sight… unless you count the ability to kick bad guy ass while tied to a chair as a super-power, that is. It's the Black Widow show in this first "Avengers" clip, and that's A-OK by us — in Joss Whedon's hands, Scarlett Johansson seems to really be excelling as the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, outmatching her "Iron Man 2" presence in a single edited-down scene. Impressive! Watch the clip over here.

» In further "Avengers" news, a TV spot arrived this week that may have finally lifted back the curtain on Loki's mysterious alien army. The new popular theory is that these guys are Korbinites, the same alien race that Beta Ray Bill is a part of. Check out the spot in the video below and let us know if you agree with that take.

» In what is probably my favorite comparison of all time (or at least this week), Andrew Garfield described Spider-Man as having the same powers as an Internet troll. No further elaboration required, I don't think. Just read his thoughts and fall in love with the guy yourself.

» Speaking of Spider-Man, the original Sam Raimi trilogy is getting a Blu-ray re-release. If you're looking for more webslinging action in your life, that's the spot, until "Amazing" hits theaters at least. More details here.

» Finally, it's revealed: Liam Neeson is indeed in "The Dark Knight Rises," even if he's not exactly sure the extent of his involvement. But here's something interesting: once upon a time, Neeson wasn't the first choice for Ra's al Ghul. That distinction almost belonged to Chris Nolan's "Memento" star Guy Pearce. That would have been a very different, but still very awesome, take on the character.

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