Photo From 'Riddick' Set Has Guns, Lacks Diesel


Remember that whole complicated father-son dynamic from the original "Star Wars" movies? Well, a new children's book prefers Luke and Darth to just eat ice cream instead. Also, here's a picture from the "Riddick" set, but Vin Diesel appears to be missing.

Find out more about all that cool stuff, plus you can learn all about the villain in the new "Die Hard" and see Ringo Starr in a Weasley sweater, all in today's edition of the Dailies.

» Austin's famous Alamo Drafthouse theater is getting a NYC branch with the same food and drink service and strict no talking-no texting rules. [/Film]

» World, acquaint yourself with Darth Vader and Son... if you dare. [The Beat]

» According to Ridley Scott, "Prometheus" boils down to one message: "Don't @#$! around with gods." Incredible. [SMH]

» Now "A Good Day to Die Hard" has two new Russian villains. Ho. Ho. Ho. [Variety]

» Director David Twohy shared a photo from the set of the next Riddick movie to commemorate the end of principle photography. To answer your question, No, Vin Diesel isn't in it. [Superhero Hype]


» David Michôd the Aussie director behind the brilliant "Animal Kingdom" has picked his new project, "The Rover," a story he developed with actor Joel Edgerton. [Variety]

» If Ringo's a Weasley, then John's clearly Potter, right? [Pottermore Facebook via @briantruitt]

» Harry Knowles, lord and master of Ain't It Cool News, has a new web series that's eerily similar (emphasis on eerie) to "Pee-wee's Playhouse." Check it out in the video below. [AICN]

Josh Wigler and Kevin P. Sullivan contributed to this story.

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