Liam Neeson Still Badass, Books 'Non-Stop' Thriller

So, we can all pretty much agree that Liam Neeson is the most badass man working in Hollywood, right? From playing the man with a very particular set of skills in "Taken" to someone who tapes glass and wreckage to his hands to fend off wolves in "The Grey," Neeson's sudden reign over the "middle-aged man who can handily kick your ass" roles remains intact today, with the announcement of his newest film.

The Hollywood Reporter informs us that Neeson will once again give terrorists a very bad day in "Non-Stop," an airline thriller without a current plot summary, only this loose description: "a contained, gritty action thriller centering on an air marshal (Neeson) flying on a domestic flight." With Liam literally on board, he could honestly nap for the two hour runtime and it would still be a more watchable action movie than most others these days.

"Non-Stop" comes from DarkCastle and producers Joel Silver, Andrew Rona, and Alex Heineman. Jeff Wadlow directs from a script written by John Richardson and Chris Roach. Consider this one very high up on our yes-fly list.