'Dumb And Dumber' Sequel Ideas Live Up To The Name

From Aspen with love, a true blue "Dumb and Dumber" sequel is actually happening! Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are back on board with the Farrelly Brothers for another round of stupid mayhem, and to say we're pumped over here is a pretty big understatement.

In fact, the MTV Movies team is so jazzed by the impending return of Harry and Lloyd that we couldn't help ourselves from conjuring up some sequel ideas, "Anchorman" style. Embrace your inner idiot with us after the jump!

» Kevin Sullivan: "Having been on the no-flight watchlist since he ran through airport security in 1994, Lloyd Christmas sparks an international incident when he and his friend, Harry Dunne, decide to take a much needed vacation to the Middle East. Of course, Harry and Lloyd didn't really mean to travel to Afghanistan, so they set on a roadtrip to make their return flight and avoid starting World War III without even knowing it."

» Marvin Van Buren: "Riffing on that, in my version of the sequel, Harry and Lloyd accidentally confront a Nobel Prize winning terrorist that plans to steal weapon codes. The conflict begins when Lloyd (still at his taxi job) finds an iPhone filled with machine language left by a mysterious man. The key villain should be played by William Defoe or Christoph Waltz."

» Brian Phares: "Here's mine: in a world where two men are dumb, one undergoes a procedure to become the world's greatest super genius, the other exacts an overly elaborate and dumbfoundingly stupid heist to get his friend back, and make him dumb again."

» Ryan Rigley: "Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne once again find themselves at the center of a crime-related debacle as the search for their beloved Shaggin’ Wagon leads them to Detroit, Michigan. The two buffoons soon discover that their doggy van’s new owner is a man named Woof Williams, an aspiring rapper that also happens to be Detroit’s most powerful druglord. Realizing that Lloyd and Harry aren’t the brightest crayons in the box, Woof convinces them to unwittingly take part in a large-scale bank robbery which lands the two of them behind bars in one of the toughest prisons in the country."

» Josh Wigler: "I like Ryan's idea. As long as they meet this guy in prison."

What would you like to see in the "Dumb and Dumber" sequel? Tell us in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter!