James Cameron's 'Prometheus 2' Would Be Awesome, But It's Not Happening

James Cameron's "Prometheuses" would be awesome. But… it's not happening.

A report surfaced over the weekend that Ridley Scott and Cameron were planning another "Alien" to "Aliens" handoff with the "Prometheus" franchise, with Cameron stepping in to direct the sequel after Scott's upcoming epic hits this summer. Not happening. It's an April Fool's Day prank that's gotten out of hand, nothing more, nothing less.

Well, maybe a little bit more: for me, it's the cruelest April Fool's Day prank you can possibly play.

Cameron's "Aliens" is my favorite film of all time, with Scott's "Alien" not far behind. (Yes, I'm one of those "'Aliens' over 'Alien'" guys, so sue me!) The fact that this universe I adore is returning with the original mastermind in tow is nothing short of dumbfounding for me; without a doubt, "Prometheus" is my most anticipated movie of the year, no questions asked. Just the idea of Scott and Cameron collaborating on a second "Prometheus" movie is enough to drive me insane. (Scott's already talked about how he wants to make a sequel, after all—this isn't the last we've seen of the Space Jockey.)

That said, while I have a lot of love for "Avatar," it's not because of the story. It's the visuals, the pacing, the action. Cameron's still got all of that down pat, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with him entering the world of "Prometheus" without Scott and Damon Lindelof's direct input on the story, working in a producer capacity at the least.

And with that said, there's almost no reason to even contemplate the possibility, because it just ain't happening. Cameron on "Prometheus 2" is not even a rumor—it's a prank. Don't buy the hype, kids. (Though if you want to start your write-in campaigns, you can certainly send those my way for a signature or three…)

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