'Total Recall' Trailer Keeps Colin Farrell Away From Mars

When it comes to fledgling old '80s movies in desperate need of a modern makeover, I'm not sure how high "Total Recall" ranks on my list. As a lifelong Arnold Schwarzenegger super fan, I tend to believe that returning to the Austrian Oak's classics without Arnie in tow doesn't usually equal success. (See "Terminator Salvation" and "Conan" for more.) Plus, no one's face is going to react to the airless surface of Mars the same was as Arnold's -- assuming this one goes to Mars at all, which, by the sound of it so far, isn't happening.

All that said, if anyone can convince me that "Total Recall" is ripe for a remake, "Breaking Bad" super villain Bryan Cranston could well be the guy. Sure, he only appears for half a second in the brand new "Total Recall" trailer, but the very idea of Walter White in space is just too damn awesome to ignore.

That's not mentioning the rest of the notable actors involved in this project: Colin Farrell taking on Arnie's old Quaid role, with Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel ducking it out as his evil and good female leads respectively. A solid cast, definitely, but will it amount to a compelling film? I'm less sold on the all-in-one shoot-'em-up scene that serves as the centerpiece in the trailer, and more interested in what we haven't seen yet: more of the new "Recall" world (which feels a bit like an extension of "Blade Runner" in true Philip K Dick style), more Cranston, and maaaaybe even a quick Mars shout out.

Check out the "Total Recall" trailer over here. The movie hits theaters on August 3, 2012.

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