Five Action Heroes Justin Bieber Should Punk

by Fallon Prinzivalli

Much to every celebrity's chagrin, "Punk'd" is back. This time around Hollywood's A-listers are turning on each other as Ashton Kutcher relinquishes his role as Prank King to a different celeb every week. Justin Bieber hosted last night's premiere bringing Taylor Swift to tears when she thought she destroyed a wedding, and subsequently, a relationship.

The reactions to the pranks are priceless and that sparked our imagination. What if Bieber had punk'd a few action heroes on last night's episode? Due to the grandeur of their actions, there's no doubt their reactions would greatly surpass celebs. Continue after the jump for our picks of heroes Bieber could give the "Punk'd" treatment to in the future!

Indiana Jones

Bieber should make Indy think he blew up the American Museum of Natural History. He's one fearless hero, but the professor and lover of artifacts in him would be completely mortified. There's a good chance he'd also be reduced to tears.

Neo from 'The Matrix'

Hack the hacker — that's what Bieber should do. Neo goes from a computer hacker to a manipulator of the world around him. What would he do if he thought he manipulated the world to the point of an apocalypse? We're not exactly sure how the Biebs would accomplish this prank, but he has manipulated the hearts of millions of girls so we know he'll come up with something.


The robotic soldier initially sent to destroy the human race ends up returning in the second film as a hero. The latter version of the Terminator is the one JB would have to prank, otherwise he may not make it past the opening credits of the show (hasta la vista, baby?). Could you imagine the Terminator attempting to round up escaped zoo animals or something? We're laughing just thinking about it.

Selene from 'Underworld'

Jokes are completely foreign to the leather-clad vampire. In a constant fight for her life — first from lycans, then her own kind, then humans and back to lycans — we can barely remember seeing her crack a smile. Being on "Punk'd" might loosen her up a bit. Well, that, or she'll kill everyone in sight before they're able to reveal to her that she's on MTV. Maybe we need to rethink this pick...

Chunk from 'The Goonies'

Chunk may not come to mind when you think of action heroes, but he's certainly earned his right to the title. When the Goonies were at the mercy of the Fratelli's, Chunk showed up with Sloth to not only save them but the entire Goon Docks, too. He's extremely gullible, which makes him Biebs' perfect target. JB would have to incorporate food into the prank, since Chunk is constantly eating and can smell ice cream when it's locked in a freezer 20 feet away. It's a unique gift and if you mess with Chunk's food—human body parts, perhaps?—it's bound to get quite the reaction.

What action heroes do you think should be featured on "Punk'd?" Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!