Five Reasons To See 'Wrath Of The Titans'

Despite some negative reviews for the original, "Clash of the Titans," the "Wrath of the Titans" is upon us (in 3D, no less) to follow-up its $500 million predecessor.

For the second adventure of Sam Worthington's Perseus, daddy Zeus comes a-callin' once again to ask his demi-god son to, you know, save all of mankind…again. Though no one releases the Kraken, there are plenty of Greek monsters to go around.

Here are our five reasons to check out "Wrath of the Titans" this weekend.

Sam Worthington

Worthington has occupied a weird space within the realm of action stars. He led "Avatar" onto become the biggest movie of all time, but essentially no one claimed for that success other than James Cameron. Three years later, Worthington has starred in a handful of actioners and a drama or two, but despite consistently good performances, critics and audiences seem lukewarm to the Aussie. In "Wrath," he does the best he can with Perseus; he's always watchable and is easily the strongest element of the main quest storyline. With the right character, Worthington could conceivably hoist himself into the upper tier of action stars.

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes

It was easy to dismiss Liam Neeson's and Ralph Fiennes' work in "Clash" as a Cash-in of the Titans, but here they are, back again. Despite their history as on-screen nemeses, the two actors consider each other best friends and brothers, and it shows on screen. Both grown men look like they could not be having more fun hamming it up in false beards and long hair with their best bud.

Bill Nighy

It doesn't take working with his best friend for Bill Nighy to squeeze every bit of fun out of a ridiculous character. As Hephaestus, the fallen god, Nighy literally spends most of his on-screen time yelling at an owl made of metal. The performance is odd and fun, and one that really adds a lot of spice to the otherwise gritty world.

The Creatures

One of the benefits of having so much of the focus set on the action is all the great monsters you're sure to encounter. There's the chimera, the cyclops, and two dudes that have to share a set of legs. It all leads to the big daddy of them all, Kronos, Perseus' granpappy, who is literally a mountain-sized monster made of lava. Think about that: a mountain-sized monster made of lava.

It's Brain-Off Fun

One of the greatest strengths of "Wrath of the Titans" is also one of its biggest problems. The film demands almost nothing of the audience. You don't need to pay very close attention or really care about things happening on the screen, and you will get the full effect of the film. The tight 100-minute run time doesn't follow characters as they evolve and grow throughout the story. It transports them from monster to monster to explosion as the audience looks at the screen. Depending on what you want from your Greek mythology action movies, this will ultimately decide whether you like "Wrath" or not.

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