'Anchorman 2': What Should Ron Burgundy Do Next?

"Anchorman 2" is officially on the way, and the MTV Movies team is officially way too pumped for the long awaited sequel. We've already run down the cameos we want to see and the long road Ron Burgundy traveled on his way back to the big screen, but our obsession is far from over: until a plotline is announced, it's up to us to develop our own ideas for the "Anchorman" sequel's plot.

Keep reading for the Movies team's ridiculous plot predictions!

» Ryan Rigley: "My pitch: after being fired from CNN World News, Ron and Veronica are reunited with the old Channel 4 news team just in time to cover the launching of the Challenger space shuttle. But this proves to be a task easier said than done as Wes Mantooth and the evening news team are also assigned the story, along with a handful of other rival news teams. With the hopes of getting some exclusive coverage, the Channel 4 news team breaks into mission control and inadvertently causes the Challenger to explode moments after liftoff."

» Brian Phares: "Another spacebound idea: now that Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone have reached the pinnacle of their success as network anchors, there's only one branch of news left to cover: the world. They team up with media mogul Ted Turner who has built a space station as his headquarters for his new world news network. Ron and friends high tail it up to space and uncover an evil alien plot to destroy the world through subliminal messages planted in vagisil commercials. Expect moonwalking, trips to Pleasure Town and male chauvinism galore."

» Kate Callahan: "For me, one of the funniest scenes in 'Anchorman' is the alley fight between the guys at Channel 4 and their competitors around San Diego. Wielding a wooden chair leg, Ron Burgundy faces off against other anchors played by Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson and Tim Robbins. A rematch in the sequel can make for some fun cameos and a chance for Ron to find a stranger household item to use as a weapon."

» Kara Warner: "Completely agreed. The only thing I really want to see in the sequel is another amazing network-on-network street brawl, complete with the 'Como estan, bitches?!?' intro from hilarious, mustacheod cameo man Ben Stiller. Maybe they can get another Spanish-speaking network in there for fun and have Ferrell's buddy Danny McBride along for the ride, too?"

» Joel Hanek: "As someone who has dressed up as Brian Fantana for two Halloweens I can earnestly say that I don’t even care what they do – the fact that an 'Anchorman' sequel is actually happening at all is amazing and I’ve already tried to pre-order tickets for the midnight screening. The only thing I ask is that the original cast comes back and we finally see the News Team assembled once again. I hope they don’t cast another female lead because Christina Applegate’s Veronica Corningstone is the perfect balance to Ron. One thing I do hope they do is expand the outrageous cameos – I would love to see what Will Arnett, Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, or Jonah Hill could do in the Burgandy-verse."

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