Five Reasons To See 'Mirror Mirror'

Okay, I'll admit it, I was a skeptic when I walked into see "Mirror Mirror." As someone firmly standing in the "Snow White and the Huntsman" camp, I was convinced that "Mirror Mirror" was silly and unnecessary, no matter how much I love Tarsem Singh. Boy was I wrong.

"Mirror Mirror" is actually a charming, light-hearted and endearing take on the Snow White fairytale. The trailers -- as many people have said before me -- really do not do the film justice. Now I not only firmly believe that "Mirror Mirror" is a movie for everyone, but I also feel like there could actually be room in 2012 for two equally great Snow White movies. Who would have thought?

If that wasn't enough to convince you that "Mirror Mirror" deserves your time this weekend, I've listed off five more solid reasons after the jump.

The Heroine

"Mirror Mirror" would be nothing if it didn't have a strong Snow White. And strong she is. As she says in the trailer, Snow isn't a girl who needs to have a prince come save the day for her. It helps that Lily Collins gives a fantastic performance as a princess coming into her own. And though Julia Roberts tends to dominate the marketing for this flick, Collins gives as good as she gets in the flick. Considering what a presence Roberts has in the film, that's saying something.

The Humor

Ah, the "Snow way!" that started it all. Cast your fears aside: "Mirror Mirror" is actually genuinely funny, and it's hard not to laugh when Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer are playing off one another on the screen. I'll talk about this more later, but Hammer actually ends up being one of the most hilarious elements of the film. And despite the corny Snow White play on words in the trailer, the dwarves are very charming and funny as well.

The Look

Singh's signature stamp has always been his gorgeous visual effects, and they can be seen in full force in "Mirror Mirror," albeit with a twist. They're tempered by the fact that this is a kid's fairy tale, and not an adult drama. The landscapes aren't as surreal as they are in "The Fall" and Armie Hammer's abs aren't glistening like they would be in "Immortals," but "Mirror Mirror" definitely has its charm, and fits well into Singh's filmography.

The Fairytale

"Snow White" is a story that has been told over and over again, so the big struggle with "Mirror Mirror" was finding a way to make what is old new again. Turns out it wasn't a struggle after all. From the dwarves to the witch's red apple, "Mirror Mirror" takes the familiar elements of the Snow White fairytale and puts its own spin on it. Consider me enchanted.

Armie Hammer

No, I'm not just saying this because Hammer is charming enough to make even the most resilient girl swoon. "The Social Network" star is flat out hilarious in "Mirror Mirror," even if he looks a bit silly in the trailers that have been released. Seriously, the man is a bonafide star, and it's got me seriously thrilled to see how he pulls off "The Lone Ranger." His puppy love scene in "Mirror Mirror" is easily one of the funniest things I've seen in theaters since a certain gross-out gag in "21 Jump Street."

Are you planning to check out "Mirror Mirror" this weekend? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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