Joel Kinnaman Answers 'Killing' Season Two Questions

Joel Kinnaman

Those of us who have spent a considerable amount of time watching various television series over the years understand that there is a basic formula to season finales. You want to excite/satisfy your audience in going out with a bang, but also keep them wanting more so they return for another season. AMC's critically-acclaimed and compelling whodunit "The Killing" succeeded on both counts with its finale last season, but in doing so was met with harsh criticism from fans who did not receive a definitive answer to the show's biggest question: Who killed Rosie Larson?

In knowing how TV networks function, I have to admit that I was much more surprised at the localized outrage from certain fans than I was at the conclusion of the season. Lucky for all of us, there is a brand new season upon us and while I'd be happy to drone on about why I'll definitely be tuning into the second season premiere this Sunday, April 1 at 8pm ET/PT, I thought you might appreciate hearing some expert teasery from an insider source: star Joel Kinnaman. Minor spoilers ahead for those who still need to power through season one on DVD.

First off, what the heck is going on with Kinnaman's character Stephen Holder? Is he a dirty or clean cop?

"I think that most people's intuition about him is correct," Kinnaman said, adding that he enjoys the character's seemingly moral "grey area."

"I think that most people are not good or bad and the characters that are the most appealing they have that grey area. Sometimes you do bad things for good reasons and sometimes you do good things for bad reasons," he said. "I really love playing him because he's carrying a lot of stuff, he's got a lot of luggage and that's a lot of fun to play. Also, you're going to find out where he stands pretty soon."

The man who will be "RoboCop" was not at liberty to divulge any specifics, only that the development and exploration of Holder's relationship with Sarah Linden is one of his favorite arcs of the season, along with the fact that we will find out who Rosie's killer is.

"You will find out who the killer in the end of the second season. That was the arc from day one and then there was the mismanaged expectations, mostly marketed in a bad way. Nobody could have expected the fury that came out," Kinnaman said about the fans who were upset with the end of the first season. "In one way I found it flattering because people cared so much, but of course that's not the response that you want."

"[Executive Producer] Veena Sud has said the first season was all about questions and the second season is all about answers," Kinnaman continued. "Everything ties together and is part of the solution and that's the big reason why it's going to be exciting to follow the story, even though you're not going to find out the answer to the story until the end. It's a puzzle and all the pieces fit."

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