'Anchorman 2': Our Cameo Wish List

Break out the scotchy scotch scotch: San Diego's favorite newsman is returning to the airwaves.

Will Ferrell—as alter ego Ron Burgundy—appeared on Wednesday's "Conan" to report breaking news, namely that the once-scrapped "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" sequel is now officially a go at Paramount, presumably with co-stars Steve Carell and Paul Rudd returning as hapless news team members Brick Tamland and Brian Fantana.

All together now: Great Odin's raven!

Of course, the announcement sparked plenty of speculation around the MTV Newsroom. Like, how did we get here? What will a sequel look like? And, most importantly, has San Diego stayed classy in the ensuing eight years? While you contemplate those important questions, we're adding one more to the mix: Which A-listers must make cameos in the long-awaited comedy? Check out our wish list after the jump and chime in with your own picks in the comments section!

Ryan Gosling

The universe has funnyman Carell to thank for convincing Gosling to show off his funny bone in last summer's "Crazy, Stupid, Love"—a sly performance that only hinted at baby goose's comedic potential. We're not saying "Anchorman 2" should feature another newscaster melee, but if it did, we have it on good authority Gosling knows how to take a punch.

Jennifer Aniston

Because, clearly, Aniston and Rudd haven't starred in enough projects together. If Brian Fantana indeed embraces his destiny as the host of "Intercourse Island," we envision Aniston as one of the reality series' train-wreck cast-offs who seduces Fantana with her Pantheress perfume and raw sexuality.

Gael Garcia Bernal

Turnabout is fair play. We'd cast Ferrell's "Casa de Mi Padre" co-star Garcia Bernal in a small role as a rival German-language newscaster. Guten Tag, San Diego!

Elizabeth Banks

Following in the footsteps of Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow himself, "40-Year-Old Virgin" star Elizabeth Banks would fill the token Apatow Gang cameo role. And the saucy minx's got plans. A happily every after for Ron and co-anchor Veronica Cornerstone (Christina Applegate) isn't a foregone conclusion. I mean, Ron's clearly a desirable, irresistible man. Veronica will have a foe for his affections, and that foe will be named Elizabeth Banks.

Channing Tatum

If we learned anything from the high-school-set comedy "21 Jump Street," it's that Abs Tatum is actually a pretty funny guy. That, coupled with his hosting gig on "SNL," in which he donned a wig and sensible suit to film a silly Super Bowl promo ad, has us convinced he could pull of a cheesey anchor role with aplomb. Or, he could just appear as a male stripper. That works too.

Who's on your "Anchorman 2" cameo wish list? Spill it in the comments and on Twitter!

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