Will Ferrell Announces 'Anchorman 2'

Skyrockets in flight! "Anchorman" delight!

That's right — after years and years and oh so many painful years of waiting, the news team is finally ready to assemble again. Paramount Pictures and Will Ferrell have announced that "Anchorman 2" is officially happening, with most of the film's principal cast expected to come back for another round.

That means Ferrell, Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, easily the three biggest stars from the film, are all set to reprise their roles as jazz flute extraordinaire Ron Burgundy, dumb-as-a-brick Brick Tamland, and veritable sex panther Brian Fantana. Original director Adam McKay will once again step behind the lens, as well as co-write alongside Ferrell.

The announcement of "Anchorman 2" happened in grand fashion, too, with all the bells and whistles and flutes you'd expect from such a mighty occasion. Ferrell appeared on "Conan" last night (March 28) fully in character as Burgundy, fluting up a storm and insulting the ginger-haired talk show host at every turn. His nearly five-minute appearance culminated with the announcement that another "Anchorman" is officially a go at Paramount. Check out the reveal for yourself in the video below:

In short: we're all going to Pleasure Town!

Are you psyched for another "Anchorman" movie? What do you hope to see next from the legend of Ron Burgundy and his epically moronic news team pals? Tell us in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter!