Gael Garcia Bernal Faces 'Twittervention' In New After Hours

In an age where social media sites rule the internet, the stars have flocked to Twitter in order to promote their latest projects, raise awareness about charities they support and interact with their fans. But some celebrities aren't using the site to its fullest potential.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz thinks Gael Garcia Bernal is one of them. The "Casa de mi Padre" star is about 83,000 followers shy of one million.

When asked why he doesn't have one million followers, the actor initially replied, "I don't put enough photos of me naked." That's probably true. It could also be because he doesn't usually tweet in English. As a native of Mexico, his first language is Spanish. Olé! (That's about all we know.)

Regardless of why, Horowitz wants to help by giving Bernal a few tips to boost his loyal follower count. He gives racy topics Bernal should tweet about and a few suggestions for a new Twitter handle. Everybody loves porn and kittens, right?

Are you following Bernal? Any tips on what he could do to gain more followers? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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